Dallas Metroplex Area | March 14-17
You're One Shift Away From...
More Revenue and Power, With Less Stress and Anxiety
The Uprising is a live 3 ½ day event with Anthony John Amyx designed to help you switch off your anxiety and stress for good and create lasting peace, without sacrificing your empire, power or revenue. Learn how you can increase your levels of CORE Power to achieve a life of fulfilling results and deep connection with others.
...Here's how Others Have Been helped.
What's the most important factor to creating life on your terms? The answer is certainty. Discover time-proven strategies to have lasting certainty in uncertainty.
Develop a clear strategy for generating more revenue, without having to work more hours or suffer from never ending burnout. Learn how life can be simple and easy.
Often times the biggest leak of your CORE Power is found in your relationships. Learn key communication strategies to improve your marriage and team.
Jonathan Heston
At the Uprising, Anthony John Amyx brings in Jonathan Heston, best selling author and wizard behind the curtain for many High Producers. Together they will not only help you find and breakthrough the glass ceiling that is keeping you stuck in a wheel of struggle in your business and key relationships, but they will teach you the exact steps and strategies to maintain Core Power in any element of life. Life and business doesn't have to be hard.
"There was just something about AJ’s discovery call with me. He asked the right question and put me at ease. He just seemed to “get” me and my issues. I bit the bullet and hired him and he waaaay over-delivered on his promises."
Viveka von Rosen, Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso
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  • Colin Added $8,000 a month and Found Time to Dive Back Into Jiu-Jitsu.
  •  Viveka added $80,000+ to Her Business, Without Having to Travel All the Time.
  •  Jody is on track for $360K in 2018, While Working Less, Completing His First 5K Run and Having Fun Again.
Let's Go! (I Won't Bite)
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