Ready to Add 6-Figures and Take 6-8 Weeks Off?
If you’re reading this, you may be feeling stuck, unclear, disrespected by clients and/or doubting your every move.

I’ve learned there is a forgotten element of modern day marketing that allows you to clear this up and finally break through the 6-Figure Ceiling and take back control of your time.

That’s why I open up times in my schedule each week to talk with people like yourself.
What Happens During Our Time Together?
When you schedule a time to talk, we’ll discuss the outcomes you are wanting to achieve in your life and business and identify the obstacles holding you back. Whether we choose to work together or not, I’ll certainly connect you with resources to help you move forward.
Get clear on exactly what would move the needle for you and what's holding you back.
Take all your history, background, stories and expertise into once cohesive strategy that works.
Mold your ideas and business into highly profitable and fun ways of doing business.
So Where Do We Start? It’s Easy Peasy.
1. Click Here to Schedule a Time to Talk.
Simply tell me a little bit about yourself and select a time that works for you.
2. Get Ready.
Before we talk with one another, get clear on what you’re wanting to achieve in life and business. Feel what may be holding you back and what are some things you may need to let go of.
3. We’ll Have a Talk.
During the call, we’ll discuss your vision for your life and business. Then we’ll get extremely clear about what it will take to make it a reality.

My intention is for you to leave our time together inspired and armed with the resources to make your soul’s calling a reality.
"There was just something about AJ’s discovery call with me. He asked the right question and put me at ease. He just seemed to “get” me and my issues. I bit the bullet and hired him and he waaaay over-delivered on his promises. I think because he lives in my world and does what I do, that he knows my points of pain, challenges and struggles. I truly believe in him, his strategies and his knowledge as a business and marketing consultant."
Viveka von Rosen
Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso
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