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"I'm at $30,000 a month in revenue and even saved myself from spending $20,000."
"Understanding the Drama Triangle was huge for me. It helped me with my clients, saved me $20,000 and gave me a lot more confidence. I know know...I got this."
"I feel like a whole new person. I feel like that whole person that was in there is back!"
"I let go of my paralyzing fear of "If people will like me or not. I didn't even know I had. I see things clearer now. I now know I can launch my business and am ready to go."
"My biggest takeaway was understanding why I wasn't really taking action."
"You helped me get clear on what was really holding me back and overcome it. I had a lot of mindset stuff holding me back. I really value that you called me on my stuff and helped me overcome it very quickly."
"I feel more confident, see my worth and understand myself more now."
"Now when I talk with my husband, I can talk about my feelings and really expressing myself, rather than going into my shell. I found myself not caring what others thought about things now and am taking on more of that "Goddess" role, which is a big deal for me.
"I now know who I am and who I serve. It was like working Voodoo Magic."
"I gained skills to be able to have tough conversations with my family members and my wife. I learned how to be truly open and honest with everyone around me. I can know better connect with my wife. I also have more clarity and certainty in my message."
"I am definitely more confident and know what people say doesn't effect me."
"I'm glad I had the experience working with you, because without it I would have lost my mind. I learned how to separate me from other people. I used to be a people pleaser and now I'm not."
He built a 6-Figure Online Business.
You sparked a change in me with your coaching. You made me look inside myself (which I wasn’t expecting) and become more self-aware, and in doing so more self-sure. Your coaching was PIVOTAL in my journey to becoming the person I am today."
- Colin Scotland, United Kingdom
She's getting a steady steam of leads.
You are an amazing display of dedication AND quality. I can't remember the last time I had BOTH in the space you are in (coaching/marketing)... come to think of it, prolly NEVER - nothing like you. "
- Christine Lee, Florida
He Locked down $372,ooo from 5 clients.
I used to think I needed to hustle and grind to make more money and find peace. I now have $300,000 booked for next year, instead of just 20k/mo. This stuff is easy! "
- Jody Holland, Texas
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